Residential Electrical Installation - 21 Apartments


12 Months


RJC M&E Contractors


We were employed by RJC Mechanical and Electrical to complete the residential electrical installation for 21 apartments at Gerrards Cross, incorporating power distribution, lighting systems, fire alarm installations, ventilation controls, networking infrastructure, and TV and satellite cabling.


Scope of Work:

  • Power Systems: Installation of electrical power distribution systems to provide reliable and efficient electricity supply to all apartments.
  • Lighting: Implementing an energy-efficient lighting system throughout the apartments to enhance aesthetics and functionality.
  • Fire Alarms: Installation of fire alarm systems to ensure the safety of the residents.
  • Ventilation Controls: Setting up mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) controls to maintain proper air circulation and quality.
  • Networking Infrastructure: Establishing a robust networking infrastructure to support seamless internet connectivity for the residents.
  • TV and Satellite Cabling: Installing the necessary cabling infrastructure to enable TV and satellite connectivity in each apartment.


Challenges and Solutions:

Throughout the project, we encountered challenges such as working within tight deadlines and addressing architectural constraints. To overcome these obstacles, we implemented efficient project management strategies, closely coordinating with architects and other stakeholders.


Results and Achievements:

Working in collaboration with RJC Mechanical and Electrical we successfully completed this residential electrical installation, within the project’s timeline and with positive feedback from the client. The installed systems, including power distribution, lighting, fire alarms, ventilation controls, networking infrastructure, and cabling, provided the residents with modern and reliable electrical amenities.

Our commitment to quality, compliance, and efficient project management ensured a seamless execution process. The satisfaction of the client and the impact of the project on the overall development at Gerrards Cross underlined our capabilities as a trusted electrical contractor.