KNX Residential Project


2 months


Private client


The primary objective of this KNX residential project was to install the necessary cable infrastructure within a limited time frame due to budget constraints.

To ensure the end goal was met, we engaged with the client during the design stage to gain a deep understanding of their needs. The cable infrastructure was designed to accommodate lighting, blinds, and heating, all of which can be controlled using wall-mounted keypads or the Gira X1 and S1 server app. 


In the kitchen/dining area, scenes have been programmed to create the perfect atmosphere for dining, entertaining, or relaxing. To eliminate the need for light switches at night, low-level lighting has been programmed to the Gira presence sensors which activate when lighting levels drop below 20 lux. To ensure seamless integration, we worked closely with the contractor during the installation of the ceiling feature lighting, which included the RGBW LED ribbon, profile, and defuser during the construction phase.

The heating system is controlled using Theben radiator actuators with temperature controls and settings programmed into the Gira keypads. To enhance privacy and security, Somfy blinds will be installed in all rooms, which can be set to close and open using a timer. With the flexibility of KNX, we were able to fulfill our client’s request with ease.